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About SABIS®

SABIS® is a global education management organization that is backed by over 130 years of experience in helping students achieve their full potential in a rapidly-changing world.

Today, the SABIS® Network has an active presence in the private and public sectors in 20 countries on five continents. A team of more than 8,000 employees in the network educates over 70,000 students, helping to prepare them for a successful future.


The SABIS® Educational System™

All schools within the SABIS® Network implement the SABIS® Educational System™ — an integrated, comprehensive, kindergarten through twelfth grade academic program that has been developed and refined over a 131-year period.  Thanks to the SABIS® Educational System™, all students, regardless of their ability levels, can learn and achieve very high academic standards provided they want to learn.

Some features of the SABIS® Educational System™ include:

  • A well-structured, comprehensive international curriculum aligned to national standards
  • Proven instructional methods that keep students engaged and learning efficiently
  • SABIS® Book Series: 2,100 digital and traditional titles developed and produced in-house
  • Timely tracking of student performance through regular assessment to identify and fill any learning gaps

Track Record of Excellence

Students is SABIS® schools are prepared for success on a number of external, official examinations, including the British based IGCSEs and A Levels as well as the American based Advanced Placement® exams.

In fact, SABIS® students consistently outperform global averages on these exams.


Use of Technology

SABIS® provides schools within the SABIS® Network with cutting-edge education technology that aims to enhance the learning experience. These include:

  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • SABIS® E-Books
  • Interactive Learning System
  • Online, On-Demand Tutoring
  • SABIS® Digital Platform
  • Apps for students, parents, and alumni

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